18 July, 2007

That Place of Peace

Sometimes we're so busy trying to work things out, trying to find God, that we don't notice He's been waiting for us. Quietly, patiently, calling our name, preparing the way. Sometimes it's because we`re afraid. Perhaps a lot, perhaps a little, of that still quiet place. Afraid of what we might hear there? Afraid He won't meet us there?

And with all our searching, questioning, running around and heartache, our frustration grows. We long for the answer. We hunger and thirst for it.

And all the time God is waiting for You. Jesus said "Come to me. Everyone who is striving and carrying baggage and burdens around. I will give you rest."

Take a moment today to really stop. Stop doing life with all its pressures and hustle and bustle. Call to Him and wait for Him. He won't chide you. He's waiting to love you, to speak to you. Maybe you'll realise you do need to change a couple of things. But it will be His love that motivates you. His mercy and love.

Isaiah 30:15 reminds us: In returning to the Lord and resting, you will be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.

The true secret to success

The true secret to success in the Christian life is not about strategies and striving. There is one thing that every believer needs to know and practise. It will maximise your own spiritual development. It will revolutionise your friendships. It will transform your marriage.

It's quite simple. You cannot be a true disciple of Jesus unless you face this one. Teachability. You need to develop a teachable heart and attitude. 

Basically that means discipleship and mentoring should be a priority for all of us, no matter how long we`ve been Christians. And I don't mean giving it out. I mean receiving it. A prophet will soon be unhealthy if he will never receive a word from another. A teacher will stagnate if she doesn't continue to understand more and more.

What I love about Jesus is that He's so practical. You can't get all superspiritual on this one and say "Oh well, I learn from Jesus Himself. I like to get it all straight from Him, I don't need anyone else."  Hmmmm. Jesus created us to be in relationship with others as well as God. Look at all the parables He told. They are all about the Kingdom of God. And they are all about relationships. 

So. A teachable heart. Growing in God. Growing with others. Learning from others. 

Give yourself a little spiritual health check. How teachable are you?

17 July, 2007

"The Secret" and Marriage

A teachable heart. The secret every Christian should embrace. 

When we first fall in love and head up the aisle, most of us are full of optimism. Great expectations, perhaps a little shakiness as well, but for the most part we marry because we are convinced that things are going to work out well for the two of us.

Our experience, both in our own marriage and in those we have observed and ministered into has convinced us that there is one fundamental principle that will make or break a marriage.

The willingness to learn from others and to seek help and to allow people to speak wisdom into our patterns of relating are crucial for every successful marriage. We don't need this all the time. Part of the adventure of marriage is the development of us as a couple. Each couple is unique and the blending together of two lives in Christian marriage is a very precious adventure.

Both marriage partners have to be prepared to change and grow. All of the time.
Both marriage partners have to be ready to learn from others too-- the right people with the right wisdom for the right moment! It's not so much a question of whether 2 people fit together for life. It's more a question of whether they are prepared to grow together.

So if you´re busy falling in love or making out your list of "must haves" in a perfect partner, knock off the "on fire for God" and the "sexy legs" from the top spot and write " a teachable heart" firmly in first place.  "On fire for God" is great for the second spot, but in first spot it's not much good if he or she ends up being a superspiritual fiery loose cannon who always thinks they know best.

"Teach me Your ways, O God, Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me. For You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day" Psalm 25:5