08 July, 2008

Who will you be?

One of the privileges of pastoring and mentoring young people is that you get to help them take aim. Helping them understand who they are and who they can be. Taking the lid off the boxes in their mind and helping them see that so much is possible for them.

If they learn to aim straight. 

Aiming straight has a lot to do with our relationship with God. It is about allowing our will and how we live to be formed by His principles. It also has a lot to do with becoming comfortable with who God made you to be.

A personal hobby horse and something that makes me truly sad with just a hint of being outraged, is seeing young people giving up their potential and education and hanging around a "ministry". Truly, I think it`s great for a young person to take a little time out and go to Bible School or do a discipleship course of some kind. But that should all be preparation to help them on their journey, not to knock them off course. 

Often it is a mistake to think that by giving up a "normal" life for an extended time, you are steering your life in a more spiritual direction. Ok, so this is a lady who has done all that and moved nations several times and hasn`t done anything in a "normal" way who is talking here. But you`ve really got to know it`s right for you. Because I believe that what God truly wants is not a generation who have opted out of "the world", but instead a generation who are influencing the world. In every sphere and strata of society. In every nation of the world.

So if you`re weighing up your options this summer and you chance upon this blog. Fulfil your potential. Denying your potential is not something that is close to the heart of God.

Check out Mathew 25:14 the parable of the talents. Those talents are practical, not just spiritual gifts and when you develop them then you not only please the heart of God, you also find a rich personal fulfilment.