24 September, 2008

Belonging Together

After a season of weddings in the Jesus Haus, we are heading into the Autumn remembering how precious and important belonging together is.

Every one of us is made to belong. You belong. 

There is a part of us that needs to belong. Because that is the way we were made. God didn`t create mankind to live as isolated individuals. We are made for relationship with Him.

Paul also tells us that we are living stones being built together. We belong together and we belong with God.

The greatest reality of belonging for all of us is the fact that we have all been created to belong together with God. Through Jesus, as we accept His sacrifice for us and surrender our lives to Him, we find peace in a relationship of "belonging" with God. 

We fit. Because there is a place in God`s heart especially for you. A place where you belong.

And like a bride and bridegroom who declare that they belong together, God is waiting for each one of us to live in the reality of belonging with Him. Close to His heart. Together.

"My beloved is mine and I am his." Song of Songs 2:16