01 September, 2008


Ok, so I know that for some people as soon as I say something like "just get on and live the dream", they panic.

"How do I know it`s from God and not me just making it up?"

It`s a question nearly all of us ask at some time. Building sand castles is fine as a holiday entertainment or distraction. But no-one wants to invest their life in building something that will just get washed away with the next tide.

I think the secret lies in our expectations. We have to get to a place of faith and peace as we respond to God. To be ok with the fact that we don`t know every tiny detail of what the dream will look like when it`s finished. To be content to follow God`s heart and let Him build and evolve the dream around us. Because He is the author and the foundation of what we do.

Sometimes it starts with just saying an unconditional "Yes" to Jesus. Like Mary did when the angel came to her. She had no idea what the promise of her child could really mean. She just believed that God was great enough to fulfil His dream and promise for her life. She accepted it.

I love the way God waits for us to say "Yes" and then He opens a door or widens the horizon of our understanding just a bit more. Until we are ready for the next "Yes". The adventure of living with Jesus. 

Why not take one step at a time? One "Yes" at a time. Hand in hand with Him. The adventure of fulfilling the potential He has placed in you. Letting Him show you the full colour of the dream that we just begin to see in black and white.