24 September, 2008

Rebuilding A Heart of Worship

Some people freak at the idea of being close and vulnerable to God. Others long for that intimacy. All the time, God is waiting. Waiting for us to draw near. Waiting for us to remember or learn how great and wonderful He is. He longs for us. 

For many of us, drawing near to God gets far too complicated. We let so many practical things get in the way. So many emotional things keep us back.

But all the time God is waiting. Waiting for us to remember how much He loves us, flaws and all. He takes us just as we are.

The problem is often that the closer we draw to God, the more we realise how awesome He is. That`s when we notice our flaws. Like the beautiful bride-to-be in Song of Songs who suddenly says "I am dark but lovely... do not look upon me because I am dark...". This isn`t about the colour of her skin. This about the flaws she sees in herself compared to how wonderful her lover is.

It`s natural to become more aware of our own humanity and weakness when we come close to God. The triumph is learning not to clam up and focus on ourselves at this point. But instead to jump over the hurdle of your humanity and take hold of the covering of mercy that Jesus clothes us with so that we can draw near to God. And when we do this, we are changed. We begin to see things and ourselves from God`s perspective.

Remember all those T.V.shows where a team of professionals renovate a house in a weekend? They can only get in to renovate if someone lets them. If someone gets over the "My house is dark" part and instead of keeping their house shut up or just repainting the outside, they let the professionals in to rebuild the whole place.

You know, God is the ultimate professional in rebuilding our hearts. And He does it all out of His great heart of love, mercy and majesty. Are you willing to draw near to Him and to keep drawing near? He`s truly longing to rebuild your heart.

John 7:37/38 Jesus said "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. Rivers of living water will flow out of the hearts of whoever believes in Me."