15 September, 2008


What do we do with treasure? True treasure? Do we build it a beautiful box and keep it safe from prying eyes? Do we bury it or hide it? 

There are so many treasures in the Kingdom of God. The treasure of truth. The treasure of freedom. The treasure of mercy. The treasure of true and perfect love. And so much more.

But what do we do with them? Do we build a treasure box church with treasure box rules? Do we hide the treasure in our hearts and keep it for a rainy day?

Sometimes we forget that we ourselves are treasure. Treasure rescued by the awesome love that Jesus has for each one of us. Treasure that is close to the heart of God. Living, breathing treasure. As He transforms our lives then we become more and more like Him. Reflecting more and more of His mercy, love and truth.

I love that. The Bible tells us that God is the keeper of truth. He is the keeper of our hearts. We are treasure and He is the treasure keeper, pouring out more and more of Himself, of His treasure into our lives.

But I don`t want to just be a pretty box of treasure all locked up. The treasures of the Kingdom of God are designed for sharing, for increase. They increase in value and substance the more they are shared and poured out. Freely and wisely. Just as our Heavenly Father pours out His treasure into us.